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Whats up?

I guess I'll use this first blog post as an introduction (as I should). The idea of this blog has been a long time coming. Almost everyone I knew and befriended would be supremely shocked that I didn't have some type of fashion diary living somewhere. There were some screams of "Why aren't you doing this?" I guess now is just the right time. I figured the easiest way to describe myself is the following:


For starters...if you didn't know I'm a country boy now fulfilling my big city dreams in Dallas.


I'm a graphic designer and fashion enthusiast/nerd. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, so I could talk to you all day about art history, theories, periods, yeah... all that stuff.


I have a serious obsession with Pop art and just about anything Andy Warhol. I would kill to have lived around that time and experience his projects, the nightlife, instant photography, models, and the craziness of Studio 54.


Speaking of instant photography, I collect vintage cameras and Polaroids! My favorite right now is my Polaroid Supercolor 635 (pictured above).


I’m a pretty simple individual with a ton of aspirations; I guess that makes me a little more interesting. 


I'm excited to share with you my experiences through life and fashion. I hope you enjoy! :) 




Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day