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Travel Guides: San Francisco

Travel Guides: San Francisco


I left my heart in San Francisco.

Oh San Franciso, how I l adore you. It could be the vibrant bustle of downtown, or the dazzling landscapes from every perspective. It might also have to do with the amazing original Midcentury-modern home I'm living in for my stay. It has views overlooking the entire bay from the living room. As soon I walked in and saw it I immediately dropped my bags and ran to the balcony. I have to say, San Francisco has been treating me well.  

As aggressive as the people are (which surprised me), there’s a definite laid back vibe here as well. It could just be California in general, but I admire it. Naturally, for my stay, I had to write about a couple of my favorite spots during my visit. If you're ever in town you need to check out at least one of these locations


Mission District/Mission Dolores Park

Where do I start with this place? It's literally the perfect spot where you can just relax with a nice bottle of wine and bask on the lawn. You'll find groups of people relaxing, dancing, skating and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Just to your side you'll find the very famous Painted Ladies which is so unique to San Francisco. The area is also extremely picturesque, so make sure you get a great shot of the glorious view of the city.


Bri-Rite Market

Right down the street from Mission Dolores Park was this gem, Bri-Rite Mart. It was this quite, quaint little mart with everything to fresh meats, fruits, prepared meals, flowers and WINE. It so convenient and refreshing in contrast to the myriad of 7-11's that I find in Dallas. It also has this local feel to it that I’m instantly attracted to. The fact that is was just a walk away from the park made it even sweeter.



This one is a given. Here's a look at my outfit for exploring the city. Also, check out that sweet view from my house that I resided in for the weekend.


The Midcentury Modern home I resided in.


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Going to this place is an experience. It was one that I don't think I was fully prepared for. I got here as early as I could because I heard the lines were insanely long. I wasn't expecting them to be lined around the building though! Luckily I had great conversation with the people standing in line with me. The shop was very small and moves quite fast, but has all the delicious baked goods that you'd ever want. Make sure you get there early because they sell out fast and then close up shop afterwards.



This swanky little Italian spot located in The Marker Hotel was a instant favorite of mine. The modern finishes and quirky illustrations on the walls is what caught my attention; but it was the food that made me fall in love.  I hold Italian food dear to my heart and the cuisine did not disappoint. It was exactly what I needed after trudging around the Mission District. Make sure you try the pizza (as if you weren't anyways).




Golden Gate Bridge

Easily the most iconic location in San Francisco. I was a little terrified that I wouldn't get to see the bridge at first because of the infamous Karl The Fog. The fog was there earlier in the morning, but it made its way North just in time for me the catch this spectacular view. I mean, just look at it.


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