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The LINE Hotel: Koreatown

The LINE Hotel: Koreatown

I always make some time every year to head out to Los Angeles if I can. It’s a second home to me. I’m always dreaming about being near the beaches and fantastic weather. Usually, when I’m in the area, I always stay in an Airbnb near the beaches. This time however, I wanted to be closer to the heart of the city. I’ve always had The LINE Hotel on my bucket list of hotels I’ve always wanted to stay in. I’m pretty picky about hotels, but I loved the design and the accommodations that the hotel had to offer. I wont be reviewing the entire facility, but there are a few parts of the hotel that really stood out to me.

The Room



I was greeted with lovely distressed concrete walls, minimal midcentury design, and a fully stocked pantry. I also liked that they had hotel clothing for sale in the closet. You guys know I’m a sucker for hotels that you can buy items from the room. One thing that is also unique about this hotel is the expansive windows and views. Depending on which side of the building you’re on, you can wake up to gorgeous mountain views or stunning views of the city. If you view the building from the outside its windows are “rainbow” colored and give off a really cool vibe. That was the first design element that stood out to me when I first learned about The LINE.




This place is probably one of my favorite places to have brunch in Los Angeles. The food and drinks are spectacular and I’m all about the easy access to the pool. The ambience is just so inviting and bright. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat in a greenhouse? If you ever make your way there I totally recommend the Chicken Confit. Kudos to the cook!


Alfred Coffee and Tea Room (Koreatown)

A brand new addition to The LINE is an LA favorite, Alfred. AlfredTea and Coffee Room made its claim to fame on Melrose Ave, but I also enjoy the shop they have here. It’s located near the lobby so it’s great for when you’re going or coming out of the hotel and you just need to get caffeinated.

Be sure to check out the LINE next time you’re in the area. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the service as well as the really great amenities that the LINE has to offer. Also don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see all of the content that I’ve made while in Los Angeles.



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