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Coachella Festival Looks and Tips

Coachella Festival Looks and Tips

Coachella. That magical weekend of the best music, weather, art, food and fun a festival can offer. Now that both weekends are officially over, I thought I'd share a couple of my tips as well as my fashion story during the first weekend.




Generally, the rule of thumb at Coachella is to be comfortable. You don't want to be on the grounds wearing high heels and flip flops. I also think you really can't serve too much fashion in a tank top, but that's a conversation for another day. For day one, I opted for cool, breezy and "Spring time". One of my favorite pieces for the Spring and Summer are revere collar shirts. This one from Urban Outfitters was a must have. The oversized fit made it perfect for a festival vibe. I paired it with these cropped, loose Zara jeans and it was a done deal.

For my day two look, I wanted to show off a little more skin. I mean, it's darn near 90 degrees out here! This boohooMAN shirt is where it's at! I mean, what's more "Spring" than a floral? I also have to take a moment to talk about my Dr. Marten sandals because they were AMAZING for the fields. Not only did they have a ton of support for my feet, they were comfortable and looked stylish. I love that classic Dr. Marten look.




Water, water and water

This one is a given. We are all in the desert for crying out loud! Staying hydrated will give you the energy to make it through the day. There are filling stations all over the field, just be sure that your bottle is under 40 ounces or it might not make it in.

Plan for the bands you want to see

This tip is kind of heartbreaking because there will be situations where there's two artists that you want to see and you'll have to choose between them (My heart when I had to choose between Jessie Ware and Cardi B.)

Bring a good portable charger

I can not stress this enough. If you're anything like me, you use your phone a bunch. On a regular day, I'm constantly shooting images, checking email, shooting video, etc. When at a festival like Coachella, I was shooting more video and images than usual. That really takes a toll on your battery. Bringing a portable charger ensures that you won't miss that moment that you want to live forever online. Heck, I'd even bring two! There are charging stations throughout the field, but good luck finding a spot to charge during peak hours. 

Wear comfortable shoes

As much as you think you can stand the pain, you will not at Coachella. I promise you. I could not feel my feet by the end of the first day. It was pretty horrible. I would suggest good ole' simple sneakers: Converse, Vans, and or Adidas. Sandals with good support also is a nice choice. I would not wear high heels, boots, or any shoes with no support. You'll thank me later.

Arrive hours early for the
people you really want to see

Here's a big tip if you'd like to see the headliner each night: be patient. You will have to arrive hours early if you want to get close to the stage. I was able to get insanely close to Beyoncé and Odessa because I waited for HOURS near the stage. Bring UNO, or a listen to music while your waiting. You could also strike up some conversation with the many pleasant faces in the crowd.

Take time to explore Palm Springs too

This city is super unique and beautiful. Unless you're here often, I would suggest visiting one of the many amazing locations that Palm Springs has to over. Below are just a few places I visited while I wasn't on the grounds:


Levis trucker jacket in the Summer

Levis trucker jacket in the Summer

Daniel Wellington Classic Reading Watch

Daniel Wellington Classic Reading Watch