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I've moved to New York

I've moved to New York

New York, New York!


Hey you! Long time no see, right? I've decided to make some pretty significant changes in my life and career and it led me to finally make the decision to move to The Big Apple.  From a career standpoint, it make sense, but also I’ve never felt so at home in a city. The first time I came to New York as an adult was for fashion week a couple of years ago. I just remember being so entranced in the city as my friends and I shuffled from venue to venue. I remember feeling so invigorated in the hustle and bustle of this frantic city. It energized me.

When we finally decided to all settle down that weekend in our shared flat in West Chelsea, I actually left and started walking around the block. The vastness of the city just overcame me. It was then that I knew I wanted to one day move here.

My love for New York was really solidified when I got a chance to spend time more time and really immerse myself in certain neighborhoods. I got a chance to walk around in Brooklyn where my new agency is based and it was so warm. I loved the fact that I could head into the city for “city life” and then head back home where it’s calm and peaceful.

I’m excited for the move and I’m glad I finally did it. There’s an energy to this city that I can’t quite describe. It’s not for everyone. It’s fast, its loud, it’s obnoxious…and I like it that way.

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